James Vincent McMorrow, “Post Tropical”

by Dan Bloom, producer

If you try to analyze the lyrics of James Vincent McMorrow, you won’t get far. Rather than  
writing about specific events or people, McMorrow captures the essence of feelings, moods and  
ideas, placing them carefully into a bed of lush instrumentation and emotive falsetto.
McMorrow’s process involves secluding himself and working out ideas, carving a whittling them  
like a woodworker, sharing the process only with a small group of confidants until they’re  
ready to release to the world.
McMorrow’s debut album ‘Early in the Morning’ came out in 2010, earning rave reviews, but this  
success came only after initial humbling experiences in the music industry. Luckily for his  
fans, these setbacks weren’t discouraging enough to take the wind out of his sails, rather it  
gave him inspiration to create.
At one point, it seemed that McMorrow might drop out of the music business completely, but  
thanks to his talent, hard work and perseverance, he’s now touring the world with his second  
album “Post Tropical.” It’s a beautiful collage of songs that reach out and draw audiences  
near, inviting them to slow down, sit and stretch out. The more comfortable the listener  
becomes with “Post Tropical,” the more satisfying it becomes.
It was a pleasure visiting with James Vincent McMorrow, and we thank him for sharing a full hour  
with us, which we share with you today.
Video of “Cavalier,” the lead single from “Post Tropical.”

James Vincent McMorrow’s website
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