Gloria Estefan sings The Standards

Bob talks with Gloria Estefan about her long music career…from her early days with the Miami Sound Machine and their hit 1985 Conga to her brand new album of jazz standards. When she explains it, her life and career path make perfect sense. Estefan majored in psychology and studied French at the University of Miami, wanted to be “Dr. Glo” then maybe a diplomat working behind the scenes abroad. But she was very musical as a child and started singing as soon as she learned to talk. She also had to overcome shyness and a desire to NOT be the center of attention, which is a drawback as a musical performer. Her new CD was co-produced by her longtime husband, partner, manager and bandleader, Emilio Estefan. Together, they have sold more than 100 million records worldwide and Estefan has won seven Grammy Awards during her three decades of recording.  The Cuban-born singer has also won the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award given to a naturalized US citizen. Her brand new CD, titled simply The Standards, is now available and there’s even a deluxe version for sale at Target which includes a few bonus tracks. Estefan is also featured in a cover story in the latest issue of Ocean Drive magazine.


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at her new CD.

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