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Bob Edwards Weekend, November 10-11, 2012


Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.

In the summer of 1962, recording devices were installed at several locations in the White House. They were put there at the request of President Kennedy who likely wanted to use the tapes when it came time to write his memoir, but instead they have been a rich resource for historians. Recently, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation released a collection of those secret recordings. Historian Ted Widmer curated some of the most compelling excerpts for Listening In, a book that includes two CDs and 2.5 hours of audio.

In our latest This I Believe essay, we’ll begin a month-long series focusing on the sacrifices made by US military families. This week, it’s Army Major Kenric Smith.


The end of World War II brought a flood of optimism and dreams of great aspiration, both for the country and for many individuals. This is the back drop of Mark Helprin’s new novel, In Sunlight and in Shadow.  It’s a complicated love story that pairs a former paratrooper with an heiress in Manhattan. Helprin is also the author of Winter’s Tale, A Soldier of the Great War, and many other books.

Singer-songwriter Ben Taylor chats with Bob and performs songs from his latest album titled Listening.  He’ll also discuss growing up in the talented shadow of his famous parents, James Taylor and Carly Simon.

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