Alex Ellis and Tied to Greatness

The idea to interview Alex Ellis about Tied to Greatness came to me in a roundabout way.  Originally, I discovered The Harlem James Gang,  one of the acts that performed at The Box in New York City (a music theater/cabaret show) – the ONLY act as I recall that was fully dressed, complete with bow ties, suit jackets, knickers, and riding boots.  The style is a throwback to the Harlem Renaissance era and their music combines sounds from the 20s with contemporary hip hop….a new sound that teens can appreciate from men dressed in a way parents can appreciate. 

That’s where Tied to Greatness comes in. The Gang performed at several of the Tied to Greatness tour ceremonies and when I read about that program, it seemed like a worthwhile interview segment.  That day at C.H. Flowers High School was really inspiring (even for this 30-something white girl), so if you’re looking to get involved you can find all the information you need from the Tied to Greatness website.

Alex Ellis is the founder of Tied to Greatness and here is more information about his book.

Lastly, fellow producer Dan Bloom had to have his photo taken with Messiah, the spoken word artist who was featured in the program, so now the two can be forever enshrined in the show’s blog archive.  (Dan’s the one with the recording equipment.)






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