“The Things He Carried (On)”

Jeffrey Goldberg is the author of “The Things He Carried,” a terrifying and maddening article in the November issue of The Atlantic magazine.  His research for the project consisted of successfully carrying onto dozens of commercial airliners boxcutters, knives, suspicious liquids, matches, cigarette lighters and other items that were forbidden by the Transportation Security Administration shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Goldberg has a name for the TSA’s practice of confiscating your water bottles and making you go barefoot before stepping through the x-ray machine – he calls it “security theater.”  Goldberg couldn’t raise any security official’s eyebrows, even when he tried.  Read his article then try to enjoy your next flight.

Click here for the TSA’s reaction to Goldberg’s article.

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  1. I feel like Mr. Goldberg’s negative stance against the nation’s airline security is creating a risk for the airline’s security by showing terrosists how to get around security issues. In earlier days this would be concidered abiding the enemy.
    Thrust those in authority or move on.

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