3 Replies to “I’m a Suck-Egg Mule”

  1. I have heard that sayin in two john wayne movies, El Dorado and Rio Lobo. Arthur Hunnicut said it in El Dorado and Jack Elam said it in Rio Lobo. so it seems that they stole it and they did not originate it

  2. I grew up in North Jersey and was a devout BROOKLYN Dodgers fan as a child. Part of the reason was because I heard each game through the voice (and eyes) of Red Barber.
    Decades later, when my own children were grown, you, Bob, brought the Old Red Head back into my life!! Every Friday as I was getting ready for work, I listened to your interviews and loved them (and occasionally shed a tear).
    Now with this excellent piece, you have returned him to me once again. Thank you so much.

  3. Bob: Excellent piece on Red Barber and New Orleans. It was a "double steal" being from New Orleans and an Astros season ticket holder. I am big on connecting icons like Red to my kids and supporting arts in New Orleans. Also bravo to you launching yourself from NPR to XM. Having had energy companies lose interest in me during my career I applaud those whose persistence proves our old bosses wrong. My sister Betty Rogers may have worked with you in those early NPR days, Keep up the good work.


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